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Paddle Into Freedom: The Solo Traveler’s Experience with Guided Kayak Tours in Sarasota

man paddling a kayak near a manatee in Sarasota

man paddling a kayak near a manatee in Sarasota

Welcome Adventurers!

At SURFIT USA, we firmly believe that adventure knows no bounds – not in terms of skill, and certainly not in terms of how many people are in your travel party. Our kayak and paddleboard tours are not just designed for families or groups; they’re also perfect for the solo traveler seeking solitude, a dash of adventure, and perhaps even some unexpected camaraderie.

Why Choose SURFIT USA?

So, why should a solo traveler like yourself consider taking one of our tours? For starters, we place a strong emphasis on safety, ensuring you feel comfortable even if you are with a group of unfamiliar people. Our highly-trained guides conduct comprehensive safety orientations before each tour, and they’re always on hand to assist during your journey. Plus, using our gear makes this whole experience effortless.  Just book a spot, show up and paddle! 

A Community Awaits

The remarkable thing about solo travel is that it’s often anything but lonely. Our tours attract a diverse crowd—other solo adventurers, couples, and families—all connected by a love for nature and open water. And our guides are not just experts at kayaking and paddleboarding; they’re also storytellers, entertainers, and impromptu matchmakers, connecting people who start off as strangers and end up as friends by the time they return to shore.

The Perfect Blend

Solo travel gives you the best of both worlds—the serenity that comes with being alone, and the joy that comes from being part of a community. Many of our solo travelers have marveled at the clarity they found on the open water and were pleasantly surprised by the friendships they formed during the journey.

Ready for the Adventure?

Whether you’re an experienced kayaker or paddleboarder, or this is your first time venturing out on the water, we’ve got the perfect tour for you. We’re here to ensure that your solo trip is not just safe and convenient but also a life-affirming adventure you’ll never forget.

So if you’re a solo traveler looking to expand your horizons, we invite you to come and discover the unique blend of solitude and community that only a SURFIT USA tour can offer. See you on the water!

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Turtle Beach is a great place to paddle! We start on the intercostal and paddle down a short canal to the Bay. We paddle around the mangrove islands of Jim Neville Marine Preserve and then through a few mangrove tunnels to a “secret” beach.  This beach is only accessible by boat so we may have it to ourselves.  Such a beautiful place for a quick swim or just stopping for a few moments to relax.