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Sarasota Bay Eco Kayaking Tour

Want to see wildlife? This tour is for you!

Quick Details

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$ 50

What is so special about this tour?

This tour offers a great view of the Sarasota skyline and is an easy and short paddle in the shallow waters of Sarasota Bay.  Located minutes from downtown Sarasota and in between Lido Key and Longboat Key, it is such an easy place to get to.  Plus there is ample and free parking.

We often see manatees feeding in the grass flats, dolphins exploring, and lots of fish and birds.  It is a beautiful place to get on the water and out of the hustle and bustle of the busier parts of town.

Will we see manatees?

The manatees tend to arrive in late March-April and stay through the winter months.  Chances to see them during those months are very good to excellent.  When the manatees arrive, they tend to stay in the area for awhile.  Feel free to call or text to find out if we have been seeing them.

Can we touch the manatees that we see?

Manatees are very curious creatures and may come up to greet you and swim close to your kayak or paddleboard.  If that happens, we will pull our paddles out of the water and just observe.  We do not touch manatees as they are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act.  We also will not chase manatees or surround them with our kayaks.  We want to give them enough space to be able to continue with their normal activities.

Will we see dolphins?

Dolphins tend to be very active in this area.  While we can never promise any specific wildlife sighting, dolphins are very common in this area.  They love to hunt on the grass flats and it is really fun to watch them.

How big is the tour?

For this tour, we like to keep it to eight boats or less.  The bay can be so peaceful and serene and we want the experience to feel the same way.

What if the weather is bad?

If the weather is bad, we will contact you to reschedule or if we have to cancel, we will issue a refund.  Sometimes we can relocate you to another location where conditions may be better.  We will work with you to make sure you have a great time.

What should we bring?

Always bring water and some sort of sun protection (sunscreen, sun shirt, hat).  We provide small dry bags for your phone and keys.

What should we wear?

Wear anything you don’t mind getting wet.  It is unlikely that the kayaks will tip but there is always a chance of getting wet.

Where is the tour?

We will meet you at 1700 Ken Thompson Parkway.  Drive all the way to the beach at the end and there is lots of free parking.  Your guide will meet you there.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes!  Well behaved dogs are allowed on this tour.  We do not provide life jackets for your pup so please make sure you have one.  Feel free to call us for more information.