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Reduce Stress on a SUP

a group of people riding skis on a lake

Is one of your goals for the new year to relieve stress? I know mine is. I think we all are pretty aware that stress is linked to high blood pressure and even weight gain but it goes way beyond that. Pain of any kind, digestive problems, depression, and even autoimmune diseases are linked to stress. It is super important to get stress levels under control for all of us.

Yoga and meditation are often touted as great stress relievers and they really are. For me though, getting out on my paddleboard is an instant stress reliever and recharger. I have found that just a few minutes out on the water and my troubles seem to melt away. Out on the water, there will be no phone calls. I can’t update my Facebook status and all of the stresses of work, family, life in general are on hold.

Being out in nature and exercising are both great stress relievers. Being out on my paddleboard combines these two into one perfect healing session.

For some people, the idea of paddleboarding sounds great but getting the board to the beach or paddling alone adds anxiety. In Sarasota, we have a local paddling group that meets on set days and times so you don’t have to worry about getting your board to the beach. You just get yourself to the beach and board and a group of people are waiting for you to go out and paddle. Not only do you get exercise, fresh air and time to connect with nature, you also get time to connect with other people—another huge key in reducing stress levels.

If you are in Sarasota, join us for one of our weekly paddles or paddle classes. If you are located somewhere else, send us a message. We may be able to connect you with a great paddling group in your area.

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