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This friendly manatee loves paddleboards!

Manatees are protected in Florida and need to be given room to go about their daily lives, but these gentle giants are at times playful and curious and sometimes will come and say hi to us. This profound experience shows a special connection between human beings and other creatures of this planet and the importance of not just thinking of our selves when charting out the future. And this friendly manatee is just so darn cute I could just die!

Scratch one up for manatees!

Thanks Dena and Olivia for such a magical tour of Sarasota Bay

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One Response to Sarasota paddleboard tour & Friendly manatee

  • Sarah Rebello

    I’m looking to get more info on renting a few paddleboards while on vacation this coming April. Really want to see some manatee…are my chances good?
    Please lmk thanks

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