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Paddleboard, Surf, Beach Camp Frequently Asked Questions

What are SURFit kids camps?
SURFit summer camps are week long Mon. to Fri. day camps from 8:30-12:30pm. Extended day options are offered at Turtle Beach until 3:30 pm.  SURFIT focuses on fitness and uses watersports to make it more fun and inviting to everyone. SURFit incorporates the stand-up paddleboard, surfing, ocean swimming, ocean safety and marine biology into the lesson every day. Classes are led by certified lifeguards and have a low teacher to student ratio (1:6).

Is it the right fit for my child?
SURFit is perfect for kids ages 6-16 with an interest in the ocean and watersports.  (Mature 5 year olds may also enroll, please call if you have questions.)

What will the children do at SURFit Kids Camps?
A typical SURFit day will include:
1) Greeting and Warm-Up:
Children will sign in, store their snacks and water, and coaches will ensure sunscreen has been applied. There will be a general discussion on the ocean conditions of the day and an outline of what the kids should expect for that day. Warm-up will include: stretching, plyometrics, cardio, and strength work. All of these activities will be tailored to the skill and fitness level of the children in the class. After the warm-up, we will get drinks, have a bathroom break and head to the beach.
2) Stand-Up Paddle Board Lessons and Training: During stand up paddleboard lessons, students will learn the basics, focus on technique and training. Because of the uncertain ocean conditions, The head coach has the final say on whether campers are allowed to enter water or not . All children will be equipped with life jackets when on paddleboards regardless of their swimming ability.
3) Break: Snacks, Drinks, Bathroom Breaks, Sunscreen Re-application.
4) Free Ocean Swim/Beach Time: Depending on ocean conditions, we will set aside some time for free play/ocean swim. There will be a very small area in which the kids will be able to play and they will be well aware of the ocean swim rules.
5) Marine Biology or Ocean Safety Lesson: Ocean safety lessons will be taught throughout the course of the day  and will include topics such as: “Beach Conditions & Beach Hazards”, “Rules of the Ocean” (as related to Stand up paddling, surfing and swimming), “The Role of the Lifeguard”, “Approaching Marine Life” and “What to do if Someone is in Trouble”. Every class will focus on marine biology/ oceanography/environmental topics including, “Tides and Currents”, “ Local Marine Life”, “ Importance of Clean Beaches”, “Red Tide”, and more. These will usually be held in a shady area of the beach park, but we may do short beach walks to reinforce concepts.
6) Prepare for home: Re-cap of the day, clean up beach area, putting away equipment etc.
Pick-up between 12:00-12:30.
How much does it cost?
A week of SURFit Summer kids camp is $215 for care between 9:00am-12:30pm. Extended days are from 9:00am to 3:30pm and is $300. This cost includes the use of paddleboards, paddles, life jackets, surfboards and other beach toys. This also includes  professional paddleboard and surf training as well as marine biology lessons. It is a great experience at an amazing price.
We highly recommend each child purchase a SURFit rash guard upon registration. This allows us to easily identify our campers both on and off the beach.
What should my child bring?
Students should bring water, towels, snack and sunscreen. Students should come prepared to get in the water–with either board shorts or a bathing suit.
What if my child gets hurt or scared?
We will do our best to ensure that no child gets injured over the course of the summer. We will carefully assess ocean conditions each day to determine what we can do safely and will modify the schedule if the ocean conditions are not right. Our coaches are certified lifeguards and CPR/First Aid Certified. SURFit carries liability insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances.
How do I sign up?
You can REGISTER ONLINE by filling out the registration form and paying via credit card. Or, contact us (941-952-8245) and we can take care of it all over the phone.
Fine Print:
Registrations are on a first come, first served basis. Last year, all sessions were sold out in advance and some popular sessions had waiting lists. We highly recommend if you want to sign up for camp that you do it as soon as you can.
Staff Background Check: Coaches undergo state and local criminal background checks, an FBI fingerprint screening and a state sexual predator background check.
Health/Medical Concerns: Coaches cannot hold or dispense medications. Coaches cannot apply sunscreen. Students should arrive at camp with sunscreen applied and will be asked to reapply during the camp day. Campers who are ill will need to stay home. Camp days missed because of illness,vacation, etc cannot be made up.
Departure/Sign Out Procedures: The registration form also provides a space for the names of two people who can sign your children out of camp. In order to sign a child out, one of these designated people will have to show photo identification and sign their name and time of pick up on the master attendance sheet.
Late Fee: We understand that sometimes you may be running late. If so, please call to let us know. A late fee may be charged when children are picked up late from the camp sessions. Ten dollars will be charged for the first 15 minutes, one dollar will be assessed for each minute thereafter.
Snacks and Water: Each camper should bring a healthy snack and a bottle of water for each day of camp. It is important to stay hydrated while on the beach and exercising.
Attire: Please provide your children with proper attire. We will be spending time in the water and on the beach. Students should arrive wearing swim suits and sunscreen. Cover-ups are fine. Children can come to camp in flip flops or water shoes. Water shoes are recommended to prevent injuries from sharp shells, rocks etc.
Personal Items: Students should not bring any personal items such as toys, cell phones, games, trading cards, headphones or money to camp unless approved by staff. Staff is not responsible for personal items.
Refund Policy: No refunds for any session will be issued after April 1 2019. Refunds for any session requested prior to April 1, 2019 will be subject to a $25 administrative fee.
NSF Check Fees: A returned check, for any reason, will be charged the face value of the check plus a service charge. Service charges are based on the amount of the check

Sign my child up for Summer camp!