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SUP and surf training program

We offer a Teen Waterman Training Class for young adults, ages 11-18, who want more time out on the water learning stand up paddleboarding, surfing and water safety skills, as well as learning to be safe on and around open water.

We have one class for the new year, from February 10- March 17th . The class meets on Sundays at 2:00pm on Lido Key (usually.)

Sign up today for the Teen Waterman Training class the cost is $250 and includes all equipment, specialized training and a SURFit Teen Waterman Certification.

What will my child learn in this class?

-Basic Paddleboard Skills such as technique, turns, stopping and maneuvering
-How to teach basic paddleboarding skills to new paddlers
-Basic Paddleboard and Kayak equipment and set-up
-Waterman safety skills such as towing, rescues, and safety equipment
-Basic surfing skills and safety techniques (if the ocean cooperates and produces waves for us)
-How to teach new surfers some basic skills
-Kayak Safety and Kayak paddling techniques and skills
-How to watch weather cues to ensure safety on water
-Tides and Winds
-Basic Knowledge and Information on the marine Birds, Mammals and Plants of Sarasota

What is the benefit of taking this class?

Besides getting to spend time on the water every week, your child will learn skills that will open up a world on and in the water.  This program gives a safe, comprehensive and fun way to dive into the waterman lifestyle.

The Teens who complete this course have the option to help volunteer for our Paddleboard Beach Summer Camps giving valuable work experience and ethics. All of our payed coaches have completed this program and can be a good way to gain the skills you need to be a SURFit employee.


If you have any questions, please let us know. 941.952.8245 or