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Take your Paddleboard Yoga practice further with  Paddleboard YOGA Teacher Training  in Sarasota, Florida in 2018!  SURFit is excited to partner with Vicki Shea to offer this training!


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The SURFit Paddleboard Yoga Teacher Training combines the best of yoga teacher training, waterman skills training and the experience of a Paddleboard Yoga professional for the best Paddleboard Yoga Teacher Training program you can find.

You will not find a better, more comprehensive Paddleboard Yoga training.

During this three day course students will learn the basics of stand up paddleboarding, paddleboard safety, ocean safety, how to guide a paddleboard yoga class and how to build a yoga studio on the water.

Students will receive ASI (Academy of Surf Instructors) training on paddleboard rescue (SUP Rescue) and basic paddleboarding skills (SUP WISE).


Paddleboard Yoga Teacher Training:

During this three day course students will learn:  

  • Basics of stand up paddleboarding–including proper paddling technique, turning, navigating when conditions are rough, paddling through waves and more.   All instruction taught  within ASI guidelines, by certified ASI trainers.
  • Water Safety:  Understanding how to read the weather–including waves, currents, winds, and basic rescue techniques.
  • Paddleboard Equipment: How paddleboards work, what they are made of and how to choose and use the correct boards for yoga. Also, what gear is needed and legally required, what gear an instructor should always carry and how to use it.
  • How to guide a Paddleboard Yoga class:  Yoga Sequencing on water: Sequences developed specifically for SUP Yoga with poses that are uniquely adapted to use the paddle, board and water to enhance and elevate the experience of the practice.  Every student will have a chance to practice poses and lead a class.
  • How to create a Paddleboard yoga studio:  Learn to assess your environment whether it be a lake, ocean, marina, river or pool; how to negotiate with public and private property, permits, parking and water access, to natural conditions and what kind of gear to use to anchor students and instructors to create a successful SUP yoga practice.
  • How to create a successful Paddleboard Yoga  business:  This aspect of the weekend will provide information on  pricing classes, marketing, and partnering with yoga studios and board rental shops, creating an online presence including booking classes and registration, taking payments onsite, liability insurance and waivers, using social media and more.  We will talk a bit about our experience with paddleboard yoga retreats and travel.

Students will receive 20 Yoga Alliance continuing education credits upon completion of the course.

This teacher training is a collaboration between SURFit USA, Janice Baxter Yoga, and Vicki, a local paddleboard yogi with amazing energy.

The course is taught on Lido Key in Sarasota and utilizes the beautiful Sarasota Bay, the Lido Beach Mangrove tunnels and Lido Beach.

Cost is $675  per person and is limited to six students per session.  The cost includes ASI SUP Wise and ASI SUP Rescue certifications as well as SURFIT USA SUP Yoga Teacher Training.




Friday: 9-5 pm:  Meet and Greet, Agenda for Weekend, Paddleboard Yoga Classes and Demonstrations, Planning Classes, Paddleboard Yoga Practice

Saturday: 9-5 :  Paddleboard Yoga Classes and Demonstrations, Planning Classes, Paddleboard Yoga Practice, Business and Marketing Aspects.

Sunday:  9-5:  ASI Paddleboard Rescue Class, ASI SUP Wise Training, Paddleboard Yoga Graduation


Where to stay?

For those of you travelling from out of town, we recommend staying at the Lido Beach Resort–It is on the water on Lido Beach and about a  1/2 mile walk from the Paddleboard Yoga teacher training site.


To receive certifications students must:

  • have at least their 200 RYT (or be working towards it).  Students who do not have their 200 RYT may  participate in the weekend of Paddleboard yoga immersion but will not receive official certification until their 200 hours is completed.
  • be CPR and First Aid Certified (or planning to get certified)

More details about the program:

This Paddleboard Yoga Certification Program combines the best of yoga teacher training, waterman skills training and the experience of a Paddleboard Yoga professional for the best Paddleboard Yoga Certification program you can find.  You will not find a better, more comprehensive SUP Yoga Certification!

Aaron Pollard, ASI Trainer, Paddleboard Instructor, Surfer:  Aaron grew up in Hawaii and has only been on the mainland for about 8 years.  He is a Hawaii boy through and through with a love for the ocean and all related activities.  He is the co-owner of SURFit USA and has led paddleboard adventures tours down the Na Pali Coast of Kauai, the rivers of Kauai and through the beauty of Alaska, and Florida. He has trained over 1,500 youth paddlers and has paddled with tens of thousands of people on our local tours and adventures.  He is an avid surfer and loves raw fish.







SURFit USA, founded by waterman, Aaron Pollard and his wife, Karla Gore, is a stand up paddleboard/surf  company that offers lessons, tours, training, children’s programs, Paddleboard Yoga, and worldwide adventure tours.  Although based in Sarasota, their programs take them all over the world spreading their passion for stand up paddleboarding and surfing.  SURFit USA promotes the waterman lifestyle for everyone to embrace. For more information on SURFit USA and their programs or to register for the teacher training, visit

Academy of Surf Instructors (ASI) is the ASI is the world’s leading professional membership training, education and accreditation organization, catering for career instructors and commercial school operators in the adventure sports industry of surfing, stand up paddle and bodyboarding activities.  With offices in Australia, UK, USA, Bali and the Philippines, ASI accreditation sets the international standard. It is the mark of high professional competence recognized and sought after by employers and the general public

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